How to sell fast

It is very easy to post an ad on Therefore, it is very essential to create an attractive ad to sell faster. Follow the steps we placed here to help you to create an attractive ad.

Attractive ad

First of all, you have to create an attractive ad. An attractive ad will help you to gain more response and sell faster. To create an attractive ad you just have to create an account on

Influential Title

A good and influential title is the best way to have immediate concentrate from buyers. Customers will get the first view about your commodity through the title. An alluring title will help you to sell fast your commodities.

Alluring Description

Describe your commodity attractively. Remember, a good description about your commodity can bring you more response and help to sell fast your commodities. Don't put a deceptive description about your commodities because it will effect badly on your commodities.

Relevant Price

Think about how much buyers are willing to pay. Then, give a standard price on the base of your commodity quality. The lower the price, the higher the demand.

Essential Info

  • Fill up the condition as your commodity is new or used.
  • Select your region and location.
  • Select your category and sub-category that relevant to your commodity.
  • Select the brand of your commodities.
  • Put your identical contact number.

Clear Photos

Take clear photos - use good lighting and different angles. Commodities related real and clean photos will help you to gain huge response. Do not put water-mark photos in

Manage your ads provides you the facilities of promote your ads. There are two promotional facilities...