How we can help you?

This website is designed easily in order that everyone can access and browse to sell and buy their commodities. We remain bound to help you anytime .Our team keeps their glance on every influential problem to solve. We give you some special suggestion in according to our Privacy and Policy to help you to become a well advertiser and we think it will support you to browse this website easily.

Ad posting rules

Before posting an ad on you would have the knowledge to ad posting rules.

  • All ads must be uploaded with images except the jobs and services category.
  • Images must be free of watermarks.
  • Valid phone/mobile number and email address must be provided.
  • Do not ad for illegal commodities. See the list of illegal commodities.
  • Content of the ad must not be offensive.
  • Description of the ad must be clear.
  • Ads seeking for friendship, relationship and donation are not allowed.

How to post an ad?

It's easy to post an ad on It takes a few minutes of your time. Follow the steps we placed here to help you to post your ads.

  • Just click on the “Post your free ad” button right corner on the top of the page.
  • Then, select your category and sub-category commodities you want to sell.
  • Then, give a short but relevant title of your ads.
  • Then, describe your commodities attractively.
  • Then, fixed a price of your commodities.
  • Then, fill up the condition and the ad type box.
  • Then, ad 3 photos of your commodities.
  • After the commodities related information you have to provide your personal information to register on If you are registered, you just log in your account and post your free ads.

How to create an attractive ad?

It is very easy to post an ad on Therefore, it is very essential to create an attractive ad to sell faster. Follow the steps we placed here to help you to create an attractive ad.

  • To create an attractive ad you just have to register first.
  • A good and allowable title is the best to sell fast your commodities. It will help you to get the first view about your commodity.
  • Describe your commodity attractively. Remember, a good description about your commodity can bring you more response and help to sell fast.
  • Give a standard price on the base of your commodity quality.
  • Fill up the condition as your commodity is new or used so that the buyers can get the proper idea about your commodities.
  • Select the brand of your commodities.

Commodities not allowed in

The illegal and prohibited commodities which are not allowed in

  • Drugs like - marijuana, beer, Cigarettes etc.
  • Any financial instrument including bank accounts, credit cards, funds, checks, loans, credit lines.
  • Stolen property and commodities.
  • Illegal Drugs, Medicine or any pharmaceutical articles.
  • Guns and ammunition.
  • Hacking and cracking related articles.
  • Human organs or body parts trade like -blood, kidneys, liver.
  • Any false, deceptive, misleading information.
  • Books of Kama sutra.
  • Pirated goods.
  • Consumed animals.
  • Underwear.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco.
  • Sex toys
  • Gambling and betting
  • Mobile numbers.

Ad Appearance in

Your ad will appear on on the in accordance with the Privacy and Policy of

  • Your ad appears on website for 90 days.
  • It will be automatically delete after 90 days from your posting day.
  • You have the access to delete your ad .For this you should log in first.
  • If your commodities are not sold within 90 days you would advertise the same commodity with a better description.

Manage your ad

To manage your ad you have to log in After clicking the “Manage your ad” you will get some options which will help you to manage your ad. By clicking on “Manage your ad” you will get the access to-

  • Uphold your ad
  • Promote your ad
  • Being a popular ad
  • Banner advertising
  • Edit your ad
  • Delete your ad
  • Wipe out your number

How to contact with the seller

Having selected your useful commodity you should contact with the seller. The only one way we ensured on our website is to contact through the phone/mobile number. Follow the steps we provide:

  • Select the ad and click over it.
  • Go to the contact area which remains below the ad page.

How to buy safely?

Please follow the steps we provide to buy safely from

  • Inspect the commodity before buying it.
  • Meet with the seller at a public place.
  • Avoid the unrealistic offers.
  • Before buying the commodity ask the seller about the price, condition, features, payment place, payment system and also the delivery system.
  • Never give your payment personal financial information and use the trustful system of payment.
  • Buy commodity directly from the seller and don’t use any third person.
  • Collect your commodity and pay at the same time.

How to edit ad?

After post your ad you have the access to edit your ad. To edit your ad follow the steps we provide you:

  • Go to the homepage of “”.
  • Click on “Log in” and enter your email and password.
  • Click on “My ads” to select your ad.
  • Click on “Manage your ad” and you will get many options.
  • Select the “Edit your post” and edit your post as you want.

How to delete ad?

After post your ad you have the access to delete your ad.To delete your ad follow the steps we provide you:

  • Go to the homepage of “”.
  • Click on "Log in" and enter your email and password.
  • Click on "My ads" to select your ad.
  • Click on "Manage your ad" and you will get many options.
  • Select the "Delete your post" and delete your post as you want.